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Why Fruit Is a Better Snack Choice for Your Office

Most adults in the U.S. spend the majority of their time in the workplace, where it can be tough to maintain healthy snacking habits. Many office break room vending machines are filled with sugary, fatty, calorie-dense candy bars, chips, sodas, and the like. These unhealthy snacks are very convenient and they’re often the only snacking option people have in their office. America’s Breakroom is here to offer the perfect alternative. Fresh fruit is a naturally delicious and healthy snacking choice that helps promote health and wellness in the workplace, as it increases productivity.¬† Our fresh fruit delivery service offers many proven benefits to companies and their employees alike in the Raleigh, Charlotte, Indianapolis, and Atlanta¬†areas.

Why Fruit? -

Unhealthy snacking hurts your business Health & Wellness

Poor snacking habits in the workplace are a key factor in the major health and wellness problems that are all too common across our country. Switching to fresh fruit offers a range of benefits, including those described below:

Improved Mood & focus

Proper nutrition is proven to improve people’s mood, focus, attitude, and self-confidence. Offering your team fresh fruit is a great way to enhance morale and raise energy levels around your office.

Enhanced Productivity

Improved mood, focus, and morale among your team is one of the most effective ways to enhance your company’s overall efficiency and productivity. Offering fruit as a healthy snack will boost your profitability.

Reduced Healthcare costs

Unhealthy snacking and poor health increases the need for medical spending. Studies show that every $1 spent on corporate wellness programs reduces a company’s healthcare costs by $3.27.

Fresh fruit is easy & satisfying

With reliable office fresh fruit delivery from America’s Breakroom, a healthy and delicious snack option is always in arm’s reach for your employees. Satisfy those afternoon snack cravings with a nourishing piece of fruit. Check out our fruit delivery plans to learn more or contact us today.

Our premium fruit is filled with nutrition

At America’s Breakroom, we’re proud to hand-select the freshest, highest-quality fruit for each of our customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and so is the nutritional value packed into each piece of fruit. From vitamins and minerals to antioxidants and fiber, our beautiful fresh fruit displays offer your team a convenient way to get the key nutrients they need to improve and maintain their overall health and wellness. More and more studies are showing that enhanced nutrition delivers benefits beyond weight loss. Fresh fruit can help boost brain power, motivation, and overall feelings of wellness that will supercharge your team.

Will an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

It’s a timeless saying that’s almost become a cliche. However, the many benefits of the key nutrients loaded into fresh fruit might surprise you. They boast a high level of fiber while being relatively low in calories, resulting in improved digestion and a feeling of fullness without the sugars and fats found in most vending-machine snacks. Antioxidants are shown to improve skin health and support the body’s immune and cardiovascular system. Vitamins and minerals in fresh fruits are vital for bone health, lean muscle building, and even cell function and growth. While snacking on fresh fruit daily probably won’t be a magical cure-all, it will be a great part of a nutritious diet that will support your body’s health.

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