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Fruit Delivered To Offices Weekly

Weekly Office Fruit Delivery

When your employees head to the breakroom to grab a snack, what kind of choices do they have? If your office is like most, your employee breakroom has a few vending machines with chips, candy bars, and soft drinks to choose from. While they are convenient, quick snacks that are easy to take back to their desks, they don’t offer any other benefits, like providing nutrition or energy.

If you’re ready to see a spike in productivity and morale, consider switching from the usual vending machine fare. America’s Breakroom offers weekly fruit delivery to businesses and organizations of all sizes in Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Indianapolis.

Weekly Fruit Delivery Improves Your Productivity Fruit Delivery For Office

Having fresh fruit delivered to the office is more than just a nice thing to do, it can actually boost your employees’ productivity and cut back on absenteeism.

Have you noticed that each afternoon, productivity tends to slow down significantly? Or maybe you see your team members yawning through meetings and nodding off at their desks? When your employees are relying on sugary muffins when they get to the office or grabbing a candy bar for a mid-afternoon snack, they get a quick sugar rush followed by a major crash, which, in turn, crashes productivity. Fresh fruit is a satisfying snack that energizes your team instead of depleting them.

In addition to the immediate productivity improvement, having healthy snacks available boosts overall health around the office. As an excellent source of vitamin C, fresh fruit boosts immune health, so your team is less likely to get sick from the colds and flu that circulate through the office each year. From a long-term perspective, eating fresh fruit daily reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Fruit Options For The Whole Office

Stocking your breakroom with snacks or providing food for meetings and work events can be tricky because you want to offer food everyone can enjoy. However, many of the people around your office have specific dietary needs, including:

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy or Lactose-free
  • Vegan or Vegetarian
  • Peanut allergies or other allergies
  • Religious dietary restrictions
  • Heart-healthy

In addition to specific dietary needs, some people simply strive to eat healthy foods or are working to lose weight. Office fruit delivery means there’s a snack that almost anyone can enjoy without worrying about reading ingredient labels.

Convenient Weekly Fruit Delivery

Most offices rely on vending machines and other snack delivery services because it’s easy. However, with America’s Breakroom, weekly fruit delivery is just as  convenient and affordable for businesses in Atlanta, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Raleigh as restocking candy bars and soda!

To order weekly office fruit delivery, all you have to do is select the size of display for your office’s needs, choose the basic or premium assortment and whether you prefer regular or organic fruit. Select your city and your fruit delivery service schedule, and we will deliver and set up your display to look attractive and appealing. Then, each week, we’ll replace it with fresh fruit! We even monitor your preferences to make sure you don’t run out of favorites!

Unbeatable Freshness and Quality Guaranteed

At America’s Breakroom, we only deliver fresh, delicious fruit at the peak of ripeness so you’ll have all week to enjoy your fruit delivery – no throwing out a mushy pear or waiting for green bananas to ripen. We’re so confident that we’re only delivering the best fruit, we back each weekly delivery with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Us for Weekly Fruit Delivery

If you’re ready to invest in workplace wellness by providing healthy fruit to your team, we’re here to help! Contact us by calling 844-FRUIT-66 or filling out our online form!

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