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Fruit Delivered To Offices Monthly

Monthly Office Fruit Delivery

If you have a monthly staff meeting, company breakfast or lunch, or other regular office event, make sure you’re providing a fresh, healthy option for everyone with our monthly fruit delivery service.  America’s Breakroom is dedicated to helping improve workplace wellness by providing delicious, healthy fruit to businesses of all sizes in Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte and, Indianapolis.

Monthly Meetings with Fruit Delivered Fruit Delivery For Office

If you’ve ever led a morning staff meeting, what kind of food is normally served? Usually donuts, muffins, or an assortment of baked goods. It’s inexpensive, convenient, and everyone can serve themselves quickly and without much fuss.

However, when everyone is munching on donuts and baked goods, you know that about halfway through the meeting, the group has a collective sugar crash. Now,  there’s no energy to the meeting. A few people may even be nodding off.

By offering healthy, fresh fruit you have a convenient, self-serve option that gives your team energy and improves mental focus and clarity. This lets you keep the meeting going strong and know that everyone is able to keep up.

Fruit Choices For The Whole Office

When you’re serving a meal or snacks for a work event, it’s important that everyone is be able to enjoy the experience. However, with so many different dietary needs, you may be at a loss for what you can serve. Providing fresh fruit as a side dish or dessert option works with every diet, including:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Heart-healthy
  • Vegan or vegetarian
  • Peanut and other common allergies
  • Religious dietary needs

Even people who simply prefer eating healthy will enjoy having a tasty option that’s low in salt, sugar, and calories.

Convenient & Cost-Effective Monthly Fruit Delivery

No matter what type of regular event you’re holding at your office, a monthly fruit delivery service is a convenient, affordable option, no matter how many people are on your team. We offer multiple size options for your fruit basket, with small baskets serving up to 12 people and extra large displays for up to 100 people. In addition to size, simply select organic or regular fruit in a basic assortment or premium selection, then checkout, choosing your city and delivery details.

We hand-select fruit at the peak of ripeness for your office fruit delivery, whether you’re in Atlanta, Raleigh, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Charlotte. A team member will set up your initial display and fill it for you and each month will fill it with a fresh delivery.

Office Fruit Delivery with Guaranteed Freshness

The number one priority at America’s Breakroom is customer satisfaction, and we know that you don’t want green bananas, bruised apples, and flavorless nectarines. That’s why we hand select every piece of fruit for your display, ensuring it’s at the peak of ripeness. We provide 100% customer satisfaction with every monthly delivery.

Contact Us for Your Monthly Fruit Delivery

Make your monthly meetings a healthier, more enjoyable experience with our fruit delivery in Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. To learn more, contact us by calling 844-FRUIT-66 or filling out our online form!

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