How Fruit Increases Productivity in the Workplace

Many studies indicate that healthy snacks increase worker productivity along with other benefits. It’s not just a subjective opinion, there is actual science to back it up. Food is converted into glucose which is what our brain uses for energy. When our brain doesn’t have enough glucose we have a tough time staying alert and focused. This is why it’s so difficult to stay productive at work when you have an empty stomach.

Fruit Increases Productivity

You are probably saying to yourself “OK, if I simply eat more food I will stay more productive, right?” Not so fast. Some foods are better at creating usable glucose than others. Certain foods, like those high in carbohydrates or sugar, produce a burst of glucose which is inevitably followed by a crash of low energy.

Another important brain chemical that impacts productivity is dopamine. Dopamine is linked to brain activity that helps with alertness, creativity, learning, and concentration. High-sugar snacks like soda, artificial sweeteners, and processed carbohydrates all reduce dopamine.

Additionally, fruit is loaded with antioxidants which help strengthen your immune system. A worker with a stronger immune system obviously gets sick less which means they are absent from work less, and cost less to insure.

In fact, the Harvard Business Review wrote about a study in 2014 that supported the claim that eating fruit and vegetables during the day makes people more happy, creative, and productive.

It’s worth noting that it’s not just brain chemicals at work when a company provides healthy snack options. It demonstrates to employees that the management cares about their workplace satisfaction, which in turn improves their mood and productivity.

Bottom line: you are what you eat. Staying productive at work is best served by running on clean fuel. Fruit is a perfect example of good, high-energy office snack alternative to the typical choices of chips and candy. Check out our delivery plans to learn more!

Eating fruit during the work day is definitely a good way to increase productivity, so how does a company make sure their employees are eating healthy snacks?

That’s easy: sign up for a fruit delivery plan from America’s Breakroom. America’s Breakroom will make sure we hand-pick the freshest fruit, arrange it in an attractive display, and deliver that display to your office every week, every two weeks, or monthly.

If you don’t use a fruit deliver service, a 39 cent banana could end up costing the company over $10. Here is how…

Knowing the connection between fruit and productivity, it might be tempting to run out and buy fruit yourself instead of signing up for a delivery service. However, one must calculate the true cost of doing that versus paying a service like America’s Breakroom to handle the fruit for your office. If you don’t use a fruit delivery service, you are paying someone at your office, typically the office manager, to leave the office to pick up fruit on a regular basis. So you’re losing your office manager and another employee (covering the front desk) for that time, plus the time it takes them to set up the fruit. Additionally, if the fruit is located at a central location, like the first floor of a large building, you are paying for your employees to take the time out of their day to take the elevator down the first floor and hang out for a few minutes, a few times per day. If America’s Breakroom had set up fruit displays on each floor of the building, the productivity loss would be minimized, and it would save the office manager time in stocking multiple fruit displays.

In summary, a fruit delivery plan from a service like America’s Breakroom ensures that your employees are happy, healthy, and productive — which more than pays off in the long run.

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