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Fruit Delivered To Office Biweekly

Bi-weekly Office Fruit Delivery

We are seeing a growing trend of food-related health problems, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. These health problems lead to higher health care costs and higher rates of absenteeism. Much of the blame can be placed on the ready availability of high-sugar and high-salt convenience foods like chips, candy bars, and cookies.

At America’s Breakroom, we’re doing what we can to combat these health problems and are dedicated to creating healthier workplaces through our office fruit delivery services in Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Indianapolis.

A Healthier Office with Bi-weekly Fruit Delivery

Fruit Delivery For Office

Our bi-weekly fruit delivery option is perfect for stocking your breakroom for healthy snacks or for providing a healthy option at your business meetings or lunch & learns. But how does stocking fresh fruit benefit you and your business?

There are both immediate and long-term benefits to making sure your employees have access to healthy options. Instead of having muffins or cookies at your next meeting that has everyone feeling tired and sluggish halfway through, having a fruit display available means your employees can grab a snack that will nourish and energize them and won’t leave them nodding off.

The same idea applies to keeping your breakroom stocked with healthy snacks and fresh fruit. If someone wants a mid-afternoon snack, they can grab a banana or pear for a quick bite, and it’s just as convenient as a candy bar, but will fuel them throughout the day, rather than burn them out. Your office is more productive and no one is feeling a slump.

For long term benefits, the vitamins in fruit, especially vitamin C, provide immune system benefits, keeping your office healthier through cold and flu season, reducing absences. More importantly, eating fruit regularly reduces the risk of chronic illness, including heart disease. A healthier workplace pays for itself!

Save Time & Cut Costs with Office Fruit Delivery

Getting fruit delivered to the office on a bi-weekly basis is much easier than you may think. When you are selecting your fresh fruit delivery:

  • Select the best size basket or display for your workplace, whether you have as few as 10 people or over 100.
  • Choose if you want a basic assortment or premium.
  • Choose organic or regular fruit.

Then, after you checkout and you select your delivery location and day, our team member comes to your workplace to set up your fruit display and stock it with fresh, top-quality fruit that’s at the perfect state of ripeness. It’s just as easy as setting up vending machine service but you’re providing a much better option for your crew.

Contact Us for Bi-weekly Office Fruit Delivery

We offer 100% customer satisfaction to all of our customers across Raleigh, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Cincinnati, and Atlanta. If you’d like to learn more about how office fruit delivery can benefit you or your team, give us a call at 844-FRUIT-66, or fill out our contact form.

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