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Boost Office Morale with a Healthy Fruit Delivery

Healthy Fruit Delivery RaleighHere at America’s Breakroom, we don’t make your average fresh fruit display. We don’t make arrangements for special days or the occasional event. We’re different from other fruit basket assemblers in the area in that we’re committed to changing the American workplace on a regular basis. A large percentage of adults today work in an office environment, and it’s no secret that office life often threatens optimal health. Many office workers experience sedentary days and high stress levels, turning to vending machine snacks throughout the day for comfort and an energy boost. That’s why America’s Breakroom is dedicated to healthy fruit delivery services for offices and businesses throughout the Raleigh area. We’re here to help keep your office healthy, providing delicious, nutritious options employees never have to feel guilty about.”

Fruit Delivery Straight to Your Office

Healthy Fruit Delivery RaleighHow does our company work? Easy. Our commitment to customer service means we make being healthy as easy as possible for your and your company. We deliver top-quality fruit baskets straight to your office daily, weekly, monthly or anything in between. Our arrangements are loaded with fiber and antioxidants, which increase productivity and inspire workers to make healthier choices throughout the day. Plus, we make nutrition even easier and more convenient than going to the vending machine.

What other benefits can you expect?

  • High-quality, blemish-free fresh fruit. Our team of specialists is experienced in picking only the best quality of fresh fruit for our baskets, so our customers never have to worry about fruit ripening too quickly, being damaged, or arriving spoiled.
  • Customizeable baskets. Our plans make it possible to tailor your fresh fruit preferences around your company. Choose from different basket sizes as well as different kinds of fresh fruits, including premium and organic options.
  • Reduced healthcare costs. Over time, unhealthy snacking leads to health decline. Research shows, however, that every $1 spent on corporate wellness programs reduces a company’s healthcare costs by $3.27. Plus, making healthier options daily promotes better health and less sickness, decreasing the amount of sick days your employees require.

There’s really no drawback to helping your employees be healthy with the help of America’s Breakroom. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and easy to try out. If you’d like to test out an America’s Breakroom basket at your office or business location, browse our basket options and get started with your subscription today!